Spare parts for L200, SW400, Andoria 6CT109

Our company is a long-term authorized supplier of original spare parts and units for Polish front loaders L200 and their SW400 engines, as well as for various engine modifications of the Andoria plant. At our company you will receive competent technical advice, operational service and reasonable prices. In order to be of maximum use to you, we expect your inquiries about the price and delivery time of a certain part or consumable, to contain as complete information as possible – part number, brand and model of the machine, year of production.
We have in stock a large number of spare parts:

  • Engine – crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, piston rings, cylinder liners, bearings, nozzles, injectors, water pump, oil pump, gaskets, oil seals;
  • Injection pump – plungers, valves;
  • Hydrodynamic transmission – hydraulic pumps, repair kits, distributor, segments;
  • Gearbox – discs, shafts, gears;
  • Brake system – brake pump, repair kits for brake callipers, pistons, brake pads;
  • Electrical devices, sensors, starter;
  • Consumables – air, oil, hydraulic and fuel filters;
  • and many others.
    For all spare parts that are not in stock, we provide direct delivery from distributors of the manufacturer in the Republic of Poland within 7 to 10 days. We deliver the ordered parts to customers throughout Bulgaria by our own transport or by courier.
    We accept payments by bank transfer or cash on delivery.